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Our Story

The Growth Center, originally The Womens' Growth Center, was founded in 1972 and grew out of second wave feminism. Over the years, the collective has changed shape many times: from offering workshops on orgasms and Saturn Returns to accepting insurance for individual and couples therapy to hosting conferences and training programs.

5th anniversary
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Black Women in Focus
the growth center photo (year unknown)


The Growth Center opens

In 1972 The Growth Center, then named The Womens' Growth Center, opened its doors in a small row house on Park Ave. The founders were one of the first womens' mental health collectives in the country, and the Womens' Growth Center was one of the first counseling centers to open for women with a specifically feminist perspective.


We change our name

In order to better reflect the collective's mission to work with people of all genders, The Womens' Growth Center officially becomes "The Growth Center: A Feminist Counseling Collective"

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 9.32.20 PM.png
The Growth Center's homes from 1972-2021
With deep gratitude, we recognize our past members...

Claire Loder-McCough, Eugenia Pickett, Kay Carter, Kathy Valentine, Murf, Chandana Becker, Barbara VanAken, Barbara Cohen, Levanah Ruthschild, Earlita Horne, Jessica Heriot, Lucky Sweeny, Joyce Lathan, Marilyn Clark, Lynn James, Allyson German, Joan Baggett, Linda Shaw, Illene Gallner, Maria Courie, Susan Atlas, Jan Jackson, Simona Aronow, Nancy Hoopes, Deanna Kinsey, Edwina Black, Katy O'Ferrall Friedman, Judith Gray, Kitty Hutcheson, Joyce Kroeller, Phyillis St. Louis Magnus, Victoria Moreland, Katie Riggs, Dana Shaw, Caroline Falk, Rosie Behr, Charlotte Albert, Lee Allen, Connie Blakely, Nancy Goldblatt, Cari makes, Indrani Mookerjee, Carol Seddon, Susan Saunders, Paula Platt, Patricia A. Outlaw, Liz Taft, Winnie Herring, Margaret Blanchard, Terry Dalsemer, Audrey Doll, Jeanette Fino,  Ruth Norman, Judith Geller, Patsy Flanagan, Pam Dudek, Jennifer Salaverri

We recognize that this list, and the above timeline, are not exhaustive. If you know of a member or milestone we've missed, please email us:

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